Why (good) content is important

14 AUG 2019

Connecting with your customers online isn’t as hard as you think. Here we reveal the three golden rules to getting your posts read – and shared.

Which brands do you follow on social media and enjoy their content? What’s so great about them?

The chances are, the reasons you like what you’re seeing in your newsfeed are the same reasons they are successful: they understand their audience; engage with their customers, and provide interesting, useful and fun content.

So, now ask yourself: what type of content irritates you? Is it the posts that you find hard to relate to, or maybe the ones when the tone is a little smug, corporate or just totally devoid of any sense of humour?

What about the spelling and grammar? Are posts badly written and full of jargon? Are the images poor quality? And I think it’s safe to say that brands that scatter bomb your newsfeed with relentless promotional posts deserve to get an instant ‘unfollow’.

Understand what your audience needs and respond

The thing is, there are lots of reasons why businesses need to invest in good content…

  • It engages your audience
  • Sets you up as an expert
  • Creates a positive association with your brand
  • Helps form brand engagement, which leads to brand loyalty
  • It will be shared with potential new customers
  • It comes up in Google search

So how do you do this? Well, you just need to follow these three golden rules to get your posts and e-newsletters read:

  1. Understand what your audience needs and respond with relevant, useful and/or fun content. Make it easy, make it fast, solve a problem!
  2. Pre-empt your customers’ concerns and appear in their newsfeed or inbox with perfectly timed advice.
  3. Plan your content around seasonal and topical events and piggyback what the country is already talking about.

Once you know your customer inside and out, you will also instinctively understand the type of content they enjoy and that’s the way to get them hooked.

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